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    Snowfall Sensory Panel

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    Experience the enchantment of a winter wonderland with our Snow fall Interactive Panel. Immerse yourself in the beauty and joy of snowfall all year round with this immersive and interactive visual display.

    Create a stunning visual representation of snowflakes. Embedded LED lights generate a cascade of shimmering snowflakes, falling gently for a mesmerizing and lifelike Snowfall Effect. Immerse yourself in the beauty of snowflakes dancing before your eyes.

    The Snowfall Panel showcases multi colour LED lights, displaying snowflakes in a variety of hues. Choose from cool blues, Icy whites, warm pastels or vibrant rainbow colours. Tailor the colour scheme to suit your mood or event, adding a whimsical and magical element to the snowfall.

    • The white button offers a spectrum of multi colour cascades and transitions creating mesmerising visual experiences.
    • Pressing the red button creates a warm and inviting ambiance, as the bubbles gently rise and float elegantly captivating the red hue.
    • Engage with the green button for a lush, refreshing illuminations of bubbles casting a tranquil and serene ambiance to create a calming and natural presence.
    • Tap the blue button for a soothing blue glow which creates a calming background for the bubble cascade.

    90cm (H) x 50cm (W)x 10cm (D)

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