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    The Combo Room- Sensory + De-Escalation

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    We have designed many combination rooms- when there is a need for a space that is multi-functional, with sensory needs to meet, and also a level of de-escalation.

    Although not a time out room for managing behaviors, it is a relaxation room for discussion and space to breathe. Particularly useful for anxiety, panic attacks or epilepsy- providing a safe padded space, under supervision.

    If the users choose, they can interact with the rainbow sound panel through sounds, clapping, music, or talking. They can pick up the switch box and interact with the bubble tube- selecting colours and turning the bubbles on and off.

    This Sensory Combo Room includes:

    • Wall Padding to the height you require
    • Floor Padding to your sizes- or half the room if required
    • Cut out’s within the wall padding to fit our Rainbow Sound Panel and Large Infinity Panel- both 120cm tall!
    • Sparkling, colour changing fibre optics – draped over a donut cushion super large bean bag
    • LED Starter Projector Package with rotating wheel of your choice (zoo, tropical fish, butterflies, space, abc, 1920’s film stars etc)
    • A Bubble Tube Corner with Interactive Switch box bubble tube, Corner padded base 120 x 120cm, wall bracket, cleaning kit and acrylic mirrors to frame the corner OR
    • A Colour Creation Tube with Interactive Switch box, Corner padded base 120 x 120cm, wall bracket, and acrylic mirrors to frame the corner (this version is maintenance free)

    The pictured room is an example of what you would get within this package- although measurements of wall and floor padding will be to suit your room.

    Colour of the padding can also be altered- even having rainbow stripes of 3 or 4 colours in blocks throughout the room.

    The floor padding comes with anti-slip backing, and uses HD foam suitable for walking on- will not completely crush unlike some others on the market!

    The wall padding would come with fixed connection, and board backing- our connections are hidden behind the pad and very durable.

    All padding is 50mm thick.

    We can quote for installation, or for supply only for you to install.

    If you would like to explore this option, please email us with photos and measurements of your room- a rough sketch would be fabulous! We can then advise on positioning of the equipment and if there is anything you would like to add or remove.

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