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    The Complete Sensory Room Package 3

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    Complete Sensory Room Package 2 including:

    • 1.75m Interactive Bubble Tube with Wireless Switch box ( can be swapped for Colour Creation Tube if preferred)
    • Acrylic Mirrors to frame the tube
    • Care Kit including BCB Anti-bacterial fluid and water siphon
    • Set of 3 Padded Seats to frame the corner- each 60 x 60cm x 40cm height- your colour choices
    • Two wall pads
    • Sparkling and Colour changing fibre optics and lightsource (within the padded seating)
    • Slim Infinity Panel
    • 1m x 1m Fibre Optic carpet and lightsource
    • LED Starter Projector Package with rotating wheel of your choice
    • Sound Activated Rainbow Lights
    • 2m Colour Wash Kit with Wireless Cube controller

    This complete sensory room package creates a calming sensory space to retreat to. With all of the essential elements of a sensory room- enabling service users to choose to just relax and escape for a moment, or to engage and interact with various products.

    Caters to all age groups, where the elderly can sit close to the bubble tube and have the fibre optics on their lap.

    The projector wheel can be themed- space, farm, garden, sea, history etc- and can therefore tailor the moving image to suit a particular age group.

    Wheelchair users can also interact with the cube controller- to change the colour wash in the room, and the wireless switch box- to change the bubble tube colours.

    We can supply this package for self- install, or we can quote for installation.

    The room pictured is 9msq (3m x 3m)

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