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    The Rainbow Retreat- Wall & Floor Padded Room with Sensory Equipment

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    The Rainbow Retreat- Wall and Floor Padded Room

    We can create bespoke safety wall padding and safety floor mats for any sized room- in any combination of sizes.

    From full height wall padding to anti slip floor mats- we have the experience and knowledge to kit out each room to suit your needs and the space itself.

    Some photos here are projects we have completed of a rainbow retreat room- with a mix of padding and sensory products.


    Pastel coloured pads to suit the wall lengths are becoming popular- simply because they are functional secure padding but providing a colouful, calming space.

    We can provide cut out's for sockets/switches or other obstructions.

    Door padding and Radiator Padding also available.

    Fixed connection is the most popular- where the pads are secured back with hidden brackets down each side- we have never had anyone manage to pull them off or damage them! Velcro connection is also available- where you may want to remove the pads to use in another location in the future.

    Contact us with your room measurements and requirements for a free quote- or fill in our padding enquiry form here:

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