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    Two Outdoor Sensory Explorer Rooms

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    The Outdoor Sensory Rooms are made up of 2 spaces with a connecting pop hole allowing 2 types of loose materials to be used! Creating two rooms with different sensory experiences.

    There are worktops, hooks and shelves for utensils and blackboards for drawing. It is perfect for Schools that struggle to keep outdoor sand pits clean. The roof windows can be made from coloured perspex, giving an extra special sensory feel to the rooms when the sun reflects off the panels, filling the room with colour.

    Whats more, its great for water play too! A gutter collects rainwater which runs down into an oak barrel. Children can access the water via small taps on the side of the barrel.

    Measures: 4880mm long x 2550mm wide x 2000mm high

    Price includes installation (contact us to check it includes your area and what type of ground work will need to be in place.)

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