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    Water Play Station

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    Splish, splash, splosh!

    Water play is so much fun and is great for children to learn about their world in their own exploratory way.

    The station has been designed to encourage children to explore with moveable channels, bends at different angles, funnels, stopper and plug.

    The station is double sided.

    Side 1 has fixed features so children can explore the flow of water as they pour the water into the different areas of the board.
    Side 2 has been designed for children to chose the pathway of the water flow, changing the pathway and stopping the water.

    The different functions of side 1 and side 2 has been developed from observing and talking with the children at the nursery – younger children preferred side 1 whilst older children it the nursery enjoyed exploring further on side 2
    With this in mind, the double sided station was created!!

    Product Information
    All parts pictured are included.
    The three water trays are removable

    Height - 90cm
    Width - 104cm
    Total Depth - 48.5cm


    Care has been taken to ensure the water station is a long lasting product:
    Made from treated timber
    The parts have been angled so the water flow is away from the wood
    Feet lift the station from the floor

    This item can be made to suit individual preferences please contact with the details.

    Made to order. Delivery is normally within 28 days. This can be up to 6 weeks during busier periods.


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