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    Building a Sensory Room? Start with Sensory Room Packages!

    Building a Sensory Room? Start with Sensory Room Packages!

    Designing and Building a Sensory Room can be an exciting adventure. Planning your sensory equipment, ensuring it is suitable for your end users and has longevity- can all be a daunting task. If you are not sure where to start with your sensory room, Sensory Room Packages will be worth looking into.

    Sensory Room Packages often offer a discount compared to purchasing the individual sensory products on their own. They also include sensory equipment that has been popular, and provides a good ‘base’ to add further sensory equipment in time.

    Sense Sensory have developed 6 Sensory Room Packages, for various budgets and end users. They start at £1499.00 exc vat/del and go up to £19,999 exc vat/del. Offering excellent value, with professional sensory equipment that will stand the test of time. 


    This sensory corner package includes the most popular items to begin your sensory area! Includes:

    1.75m tall bubble tube, passively changes colour.

    120 x 120cm Corner padded base- made to shape the corner, this base is vinyl covered, so easily wipe clean. It pushes up to the bubble tube, turning the equipment into a cosy, safe space to explore.

    Multi-Colour Sparkling Fibre Optics and LED lightsource- 100 strands at 1m length, tactile and visually stimulating

    Wall Bracket to ensure the bubble tube is safely secured back to the wall

    Care Package- including BCB Anti-Bacterial Fluid and a Water drainage kit to make cleaning the tube easier.

    £1499.00 exc vat/del

    Option to Upgrade to Interactive Corner Package


    This sensory room package includes lots of interactive products to encourage cause and effect. It has items for visual, sound, touch and tactile exploration. Includes:

    1.75m Interactive Bubble Tube with wireless switch box

    Wall bracket for bubble tube

    Care Kit for bubble tube

    Low Level padded base 100 x 100cm

    150 x 3m Sparkling, colour changing fibre optics with LED lightsource

    Donut cushion bean bag

    LED Sensory Projector with one wheel of your choice

    Mirror ball package, with 20cm mirrorball, rotator and pinspot projector

    Infinity panel

    Interactive Rainbow Lights- responds to sound

    Sensory CD of your choice

    1 x 1m Fibre Optic Rug with lightsource

    Aroma Therapy Diffuser with oil

    £4999.00 exc vat/del


    The Ultimate Sensory Room Pack is bursting with technology, for a future-safe sensory room. Every user will find a form of interaction they prefer, from touch sensitive computer systems to musical beams, colour change lighting to bubble panels and more. The room will create a calming, relaxing sensory area and you can choose how many interactive features you have on at one time. Includes:

    Sense Sensory Interactive Touch Pad -Unit One

    On lockable wheels, this 32″ screen comes with applications appropriate to your users, with many more to add. With toughened glass and 32 point touch screen, many people can use it at one time, aiding collaborative play and social skills (while also learning). Fully tiltable from vertical to horizontal, in built-PC, portable with lockable casters with pre-loaded applications. It is ideal for nursery or primary school or for wheelchair users as it doesn’t come with any height adjustment. Upgrade to a height adjustment version for older users.

    Portable Enchanted Interactive Touch Floor System- Mobile Version

    A mobile piece of technology, that can be stored away when not in use. Simply plug and play to reveal 25 applications that you can interact with via touch and movement- play football, walk across the sand and make footprints, walk on clouds, chase tropical fish, set off fireworks, or play a quiz or some maths games. Customisable, so you can add your own backgrounds easily.

    Interactive Light Beam Technology Kits- with 4 beams

    Light to Sound activation- break the beam to create an action, be it, starting music or joining in with the beats of the music, to controlling a projected image or playing a game. The beams are completely inclusive- wheelchairs users can easily access, use any body part or provided magic paddle.

    2m Interactive Wall Wash Lighting with Wireless Cube Control

    Change the colour of the room in an instant- use the soft play cube to alter the colour- whatever side is facing upwards, the room changes to that colour. Creates a lovely, calm ambience to the room

    Interactive Infinity Panel with Buttons

    With the clever use of mirrors, this panel looks like a tunnel that goes on forever! Colour changing with intergrated buttons to choose your preferred colour

    Interactive Sound Sensitive Rainbow Lights

    Great for aiding communcation and vocalisation. The rungs of light respond to any external sounds- clapping, shouting, music. Cause and effect lighting in response to sounds.

    Bubble Panel with Wireless Switch Box

    LED bubble panel to create a comforting background noise-the sound of soothing water. Colour changing or interact with the wireless switch box to change the colour or stop the bubbles.

    Need help with sensory equipment?

    Our experts are on hand to discuss your requirements, making the whole process as  easy as possible.

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