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    Emotion Flip Sequin Cushions

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    These cushions are made with “Flip Sequins”, brush them one way with hands and fingers to reveal the image, brush the other way to hide it again. Glittering colours and soft textures offer individual interaction and promote conversation about mood and emotion in classroom or sensory environment. Gross and Fine Movements: sequins can be flipped with either broad brushes by the back of a hand or by fine finger tip strokes.

    • Happy
    • Worried
    • Excited
    • Scared
    • Sad
    • Angry

    6 x 400mm generously padded square cushions

    100% polyester. Zip to remove cover with printed polyester flip sequins.

    Inner: FR polyester fibre fill in sealed polyester inner.

    Use/Safety Notes: Store indoors. Wipe/sponge clean

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