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    Super Interactive Sensory Package 1

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    Sense Sensory’s Super Interactive Sensory Package 1 includes some of the most popular items in a sensory room; combined with state of the art control’s to give the bubble tube and fibres multiple options of control.

    A super thick 200mm diameter bubble tube and 2m long fibre optic strands in a 110 x 110cm padded base on legs provides the main show. These items are highly interactive and can be controlled in 3 different ways -via the large button box, the dot mat and the provide tablet with interactive app!

    A corner activity guides provides lots of ideas to get the best use out of this technology.

    Other items in the room include the Interactive aroma panel. This comes with light up switches, so users can select their fragrance.

    The interactive pattern panel comes with a microphone for cause and effect via sound to light.

    An LED projector with wheel of your choice, creates movement in the room.

    Our popular sequin panel offers tactile exploration, all while you relax in our padded rocking therapy chair.

    Ideas for optional extras include

     The Main Show:

    • 20cm diameter 1.8m tall bubble tube
    • Fibre optics 2m x 150 strands
    • Square base 110 x 110 x 39cm height – your colour choice

     The Control:

    • Large Button Box- press the coloured buttons to change both the tube and fibres
    • Dot Mat- step on the coloured dots to change the tube and fibres, individually or both at the same time! Measures 100 x 85cm
    • Router
    • Tablet plus interactive App for Android- with lots of games and ways to interact with the items.
    • Corner Activity Guide

    Additional items:

    • Giant Sequin panel
    • LED Projector with wheel of your choice
    • Interactive Aroma panel- interact with the switches to set off a fragrance of your choice
    • Padded Rocking therapy chair
    • Interactive Pattern panel- with provided microphone for sound to light interaction
    Supply only, if you would like an installation price please email with your address.

    (For illustration, this room is approx. 3m x 3.5m.)

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