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    Wellbeing Package

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    Sense Sensory have developed a Wellbeing package- aimed at adults, particularly within the NHS, who may require some space for a few minutes. The room is designed to be a calming retreat, allowing staff to check in on their own mental wellbeing and anxiety levels.
    These last few years have been a testing time, and having visited a few hospitals and spoke to the staff, we feel a space for them to retreat to and re-centre has been an issue brought to light.
    We have packaged this sensory retreat with low maintenance in mind, including the following items:


    Ideas for optional extras for the Wellbeing Package include:

    If you would like a quote for this package installed, please email with your address and some photos of the room or area you wish it to go into. If you can provide measurements we can also draw this up to show you what this would look like within your space. Changes can be made to the sensory packages, including making bespoke rooms to your budget and needs.

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